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RS422/RS485 Repeater/Isolator  |  RS232 Repeater/Isolator   |  Surge Protector   Line Driver
Milestone's "RS485 Repeater / Isolator" is designed for driving RS422/RS485 ( 4/2 wire signal) to a long distance. Additionally, input and output signals are isolated and outputs are surge protected.
Rare panel as a switch for selecting 2 wire or 4 wire
Programmable logic controllers
Attendance recording systems
Barcode readers
Remote data transmission
Remote terminals
 Table top type  Model LD15UR
 This is a universal converter which  supports RS485 as well as RS422, 2  wire or 4 wire, Auto or DSR (+ or -)  control. This converter supports Tx,  Rx, DSR line. Switch setting is  provided for 2 wire/4 wire  (differential) RS485 operation (i.e. half  duplex or full duplex mode) Also  switch setting for Auto, DSR +, DSR -  control provided (for output enable on  RS485 side) It supports 32 units in  multidrop environment. This unit to  built in opto isolator and surge  protection for individual signal.  (Normal unit works on 230V AC-option  available for 10 to 40V DC voltage.)


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