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Milestone's "Line Driver" are ideal accessories providing low cost, high speed for connecting computers spread around a distance of 20 kms. This is achieved by converting RS232C signals to current loop signals. This ergonomically designed unit provides facilities such as self test, fuse, opto isolation, surge and lightning protection & auto selectable baud rate. Milestone's Line Drivers are available in various models.
LD- 12A / LD-22A Asynchronous Tx, Rx.
LD-14/LD-24A Synchronous Tx, Rx, DTR, DSR
LDR1 RACK for 10 Cards
STANDARD RS232C D25/D9F interface.
Standard o/p D25M.
Opto isolation, fuse, short circuit, surge & lightning protection for each output line saving the valuable data & system/terminals.
Built in remote loopback test.
Front panel power & Status indicator for active lines.
Ergonomically designed cabinet.
130mm x 130mm x 50mm for LD - 22A/ 24A 19" standard rack for LDR1.
Easy installation. Baud rate - 0 - 38,400 BPS, auto selectable.
Max. Distance - 20 kms.
Common mode rejection - 2500v peak.
Power 230v/ 50Hz with fuse protection.
Error rate - 1 bit / Million.
On line Cards removable for LDR1 model.
LED for line fault detection
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