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Milestone’s “HDMI Switcher” lets you connect multiple HDMI inputs to receive more digital content with better picture quality on your TV or LCD’s. The unique auto-adaptive equalizers enable the use of longer cables for TV or LCD’s connection anywhere in the home. It provides commercial grade output with several control options for switching. The unit is controlled through a front panel source selection switches with provision for RS232C & contact closure. It can also be controlled through IR remote Control, RF remote control or also through remote IP address. The unit also senses which input has the signal and switch the TV to that source automatically in auto mode. The resolution that the splitter supports are 720i, 720P, 1080i, & 1080P. Units are compatible with any of the controllers available in market.
 ML 201HDMI  2 HDMI Inputs & 1 HDMI Output.
 ML 202HDMI  2 HDMI Inputs & 2 HDMI Outputs.
 ML 401HDMI  4 HDMI Inputs & 1 HDMI Output.
 ML 402HDMI  4 HDMI Inputs & 2 HDMI Outputs.
 ML 801HDMI  8 HDMI Inputs & 1 HDMI Output.
 ML 802HDMI  8 HDMI Inputs & 2 HDMI Outputs.
 ML 401104HDMI  4 HDMI Inputs & 1 HDMI Output and also
 1 HDMI input & 4 HDMI Outputs.
  ML 201HDMI
  ML 202HDMI
  ML 401HDMI
  ML 402HDMI
  ML 801HDMI
  ML 802HDMI
ML 401104HDMI
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