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Milestone’s “HDMI Splitter” is a unit whereby you can send your HDMI output of set-top boxes, DVD Players, D-VHS Players, PC’s and other HDTV devices to as many as 2/4/8 HDMI inputs of monitor /LCD/Plasma/Projectors with the same strength & quality and an ability to daisy chain or cascade for multiple larger number of displays.The resolutions that the splitter supports are 720i, 720P, 1080i and 1080P. They work on simple plug and play functionality. They connect to both HDMI and DVI-D single link Displays.
 ML 102HDMI  1 HDMI Input & 2 Simultaneous HDMI Outputs.
 ML 104HDMI  1 HDMI Input & 4 Simultaneous HDMI Outputs.
 ML 108HDMI  1 HDMI Input & 8 Simultaneous HDMI Outputs.
  ML 102HDMI
  ML 104HDMI
  ML 108HDMI
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